Our throw pillows are made from silk fabric, sack linens, jeans fabrics with traditional printed African clothes. This African cloth called “Akara” by other West African Countries. It is the beauty of awoman. It is used as a form of bride price this given to the brideby the groom to show he can take good care of her and make her beautiful. It is also use to carry babies and worn on special occasions. Most of these clothes have names and meanings and comes in seasons too.Our signature peacock and butterfly throw pillows are embroidery over traditional cloth and soild fabric.

These are made from traditional colorful hand woven cloth called Kente which is the formal and royal cloth for the people of Ashanti Region in Ghana. It is a very popular traditional cloth which attracts a lot of tourists to village (Bonwire) where it is woven.The history of this old woven cloth is that, an old man saw how a spider makes its web and decided to use the pattern to weave. It is made from yarnthread and on a loom.Bonwire is avillage in the Ashanti Region. Ashanti Region is the only Royal Monarch the Ashanti King who sits on a golden stool. In this small village where this rich clothe is woven.

These are made from bamboo shoot covered with printed cloth, silk fabric and kente. These can be used for your special occasions or everyday set up. Itcomes with a draw string sack for easy storage.

There are fabric shower curtain which requires the use of a rubber shower curtains inside.These are made with voil printed cloth, tie and dye which is hand-made cloth. It is very colorful dye.

Calabash which is a tree that bear it is use to drink water and morning poridge, koko and drink a local wine called palm wine. It was popularly used in the olden days by the people of Ghana and it is still been used in modern days.We color these and design them as wall hangings. Hand made fabrics and printed fabrics are also used.

Hand made furniture with local printed clothe upholstery.

Other Produts